Monday, April 07, 2008

Tips to Organize Your Poetic Writing Life by Charlotte Barnes

(1) Always keep paper or a tape recorder handy to capture inspiration. Many a grand idea has been lost in the dark of night!
(2) Simplify your life. Remove physical and emotional clutter.
(3) Set clear, specific goals, such as ten poems in ten days, etc.
(4) Listen to motivational CD’s to help counteract negativity.
(5) Reward yourself when milestones are reached.
(6) Set boundaries—say “no.”
(7) Have a writing area or room and make it known when you want no disturbances.
(8) Organize your poems into categories such as “Poems to Definitely Keep,” “Possibilities—Need Work,” or “Trash.”
(9) Use an accordion file or other filing system—just for poetry.
(10) Share your poetry with supportive friends.

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Cheryl said...

This is great advice Charlotte. A while back, ran a poll asking how often poets organize their writing lives and I was surprised how many did little or nothing in this area.

Keep up the great work!


Charlotte said...

Thanks for having me! My Internet has been down all week or I would have said so earlier! It was great fun to visit and share some tips!

Anonymous said...

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Sophie Grace said...

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