Monday, February 19, 2007

No Brags, Just Facts

Here is another great entry from Gwanny. She asked me to post it for her while our favorite troll is recovering.


I spend a lot of time each day perusing the Storycrafters site. Not a lot of time in hours, but a lot of visits per day. It gives me a frequent and refreshing break from what can otherwise become a solitary, lonely existence.

Storycrafters is a lot of fun. There are jokes, posts by just published writers and talk of homelife. But while it’s enjoyable it is also very educational. And that’s what I love most about the site.

Here at SC you will find something for everyone. This is not a woman’s only club; this site has no agenda. Anyone who wishes can join. And that includes Aliens, Elf’s Troll’s and the like. No matter who you are, or what you write there is someone here who can either benefit from your knowledge, or can assist you as you aspire to become the best writer you can be.

Give this short list of published authors and their genre a look see and I bet you will find someone here you can relate to.

Speck…Romance, Mystery, S.F. Non-fiction and almost anything you need to know about anything in the great big publishing world. Query letters, cover letters, and summaries. She is amazing and we all run to her moat in search of writerly wisdom.

Madame Sassy…Romance, Specializes in Talking Head Syndrome. Critiquer Extraordinaire. Also a person you want to talk to if you need help navigating the biz. Sassy stays in trouble quite a bit in the Storytrain. Check her out.

Ccmal…We call her CC. Non-Fiction, Mainstream Fiction, Mystery, and Romance. And if that’s not enough, she will give one of the most professional critiques you will find anywhere. CC forever inspires us to be the best we can be.

Mad Hatter…Our Court Jester. Southern Fiction, Mainstream Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children’s Stories and giver of terrific advice. Mad knows the publishing world very well. She also gives us a laugh or two every day. Ask her what a Cathead Biscuit is.

Forest Elf…our wanderer. Y/A Novelist, Non-fiction, Romance and all around knower of interesting and helpful fact. Another great helper when it comes to the publishing world. She also happens to drive over the road long haul for a living. She has answers to things I didn’t know had questions.

I could go on but every one is so great that this post would wind up looking like an acceptance speech from an Academy Award recipient.

So come join us, I mean really join in. For those of you here every day, talk to us, help us, and let us help you if we can. For those of you who might be thinking of joining us, please do. The more the merrier.

Storycrafters is the best thing going for an aspiring writer, and I ought to know, cause I are one.



Cheryl said...

Wonderful post as always Gwanny. I recognized everyone except that CC chick. I think that description has been embellished. LOL!

You did forget another one. Gwanny, the woman who knows fiction as if she invented it. She can tell you what the reader will see in your story and tell you exactly what holes you need to plug, making your story the best it can be.


Jean said...

Thanks for the nice words Gwanny. It is so nice to see our little community prosper and grow. It truly has become a family...and that is even more than we hoped for.

Cheryl...thanks so much for filling in for me today. I've made it past the worst of troll flu. Now to recover.


Candela Martinez said...

Hi there. I feel so, so humbled by all the kind words. It is true, SC has become a family to me. A network of friends who make my day complete. Thanks to you all for lending a hand to others and to me.