Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hi all,

I finally got my ducks in a row to come and say hello here. Many know of the recent computer issues I've had recently. Let me just stress the importance of backup copies and printed copies. I still have not recovered all I lost but I've gotten back into working condition. Yet still another solution is to take advantage of all the free email accounts out there and email all your versions to yourself. Tedious at best I'm sure but better safe than sorry. At any rate, I will blog more when I get to a better place with NaNo. Here's to all those writers who have jumped off the NaNo ledge and are still looking for that foothold! Have a good write!

Sassy Candela Martinez


Jean said...

So good to see you back. And yes, emailing your work to yourself is tedious but at least when the puter crashes for whatever unknown reason, you haven't lost all your hard written words.

Another thing to consider...your favorites list. Somehow I lost mine this morning or last night. Now I have to start over. Make a list right quick of the sites you have in your favorites. You never know when the gremlins will strike.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sassy,

Glad you're up and recovering. What a bum thing to have happen with your files....which spurded me to stop being lazy and start making copies.
OK, happy Nano!

Sarah said...

Hey Sassy,

Nice to see you back! I do that with my writing. I have it emailed to myself at one of my free well as having them all burned onto a CD. I've had one too many computers crash on me not to!! Great advice, especially on something as important as writing.

Cheryl said...

It's nice to see you back Sassy. I look forward to more posts from you here at the blog.

You've given us some great advice. Personally, I never would have thought of emailing my files to myself. I guess I have gotten lazy because I know my husband does a nightly backup on our network. All my files are stored on the server. Of course if the hard drive on my laptop crashed, then I might be in trouble.

Note to self: Mail copies of files on your hard drive to your yahoo email address.

Thanks again for the timely advice. Would hate to lose any NaNo stuff when it's been so hard for me to write.


Jean said...

I forget who, but someone in chat today mentioned they lost part of their NaNo novel. It truly is a horrifying thought!!!