Monday, November 27, 2006

Oh NaNo, where have you gone?

My first NaNo experience has almost come to an end. And guess what, I am nowhere near the 50K word count I thought I would hit by November 30th. Real life has this way of slinking in and taking over when I least expect it, and November has been full of real life trials and tribulations.

So let's see, I can do one of two things. I can sulk about it. This would include beating myself up over not being a better writer or not being dedicated enough to my career to have met my goal. There would also be a heavy dose of self-doubt included because then I would wonder if I am cut out for this business or if I really can write anything worthy of publication.

I'm really not liking this option very much because I do believe I am a good writer who is dedicated to her career. I know I am cut out for this business because writing is all I want to do with my life at this point, and I know I can write something worthy of publication.

I guess that leaves me with the second option. I can write as much as I physically am able to over the next few days until NaNo ends. Then I can pat myself on the back for writing a large portion of this book in a much shorter time frame than it took me to write six chapters of my first one. I will need to reassess my goals for the rest of the year and see if they might have to change to make room for me to finish my NaNo project by then. And finally, I will congratulate myself on a job well done because when NaNo ends on November 30th, I will still have more words down on paper - technically on my hard drive - than I did on November 1st. I did not allow my internal editor to strike down every sentence I thought was less than perfect, and I did not give up when real life turned me down a different path than I intended to go.

No matter what your final word count is on November 30th, I hope you too will take pride in your accomplishments. Being a writer is not an easy gig, and the fact that you have the determination and motivation to break in or continue in this business, is worthy of respect and praise.



sherry said...

Thanx are right of course. I think I got about 4500 words written before I broke my arm. Could I have continued? Prolly so, but I decided that what little writing I am capable of till this cast is removed needed to be dedicated elsewhere. Like on assignments :-)
You have done an outstanding job girl and have a great start on your novel. You do well to high five yourself.

Cheryl said...

Thanks Gwanny. Sometimes you just have to look at the positive side of things, because if you don't you get nowhere fast.