Saturday, November 25, 2006



Turning Real Life into Fiction

Uncle Jimmy popped the videotape from Christmas Eve into the VCR. The family all gathered around to watch video of Aunt Louise singing while drunk on egg nog. Nobody told her it was the spiked one! Mixed with Aunt Louise’s completely original rendition of We Wish You a Merry Christmas, the whole family heard Aunt Pam’s high pitched laughter and Mom Reese’s scolding.

Now, here is a story waiting to happen. But, not in its present form. Can anyone see where you could go? What if Aunt Pam and Mom Reese were talking about the new addition to the family - Cousin Jennie’s new husband who everyone thinks is a bit dense and only after her newfound lottery money? And, Cousin Jennie has a front row seat in front of the television. Cousin Jennie already dislikes Aunt Pam because of past holiday experiences. Really, this story could go anywhere. You could take this into a humorous piece or even murder plotting.

Who says you can’t take boring real life stories and make it profitable? Not me! In fact, I’m banking on it. So, pull out your memories and begin to play. Change names to protect the guilty. Turn dismal relationship endings into enduring love. The past is yours to change, even if only in writing.

Can’t think of anything that you find interesting? Then scan the newspaper for unusual human interest stories and begin to ask "what if?" From one such article, I created my story "Fine Print." The story about Andy Fischer selling his forehead to Snore Stop as a billboard got me to thinking about temporary tattoos and the consequences of having the wrong message on your forehead. So, I created the rebellious son having money woes. He got his comeuppance through a round about way. Try wearing "Valtrex, It works on my Herpies" on your forehead while meeting your girlfriend’s father-in-law and rich business associates.

I hope this gave you some ideas! Now get writing.


Jean said...

I remember liking that story. Have you done anything with it?


Tonya Stokes said...

I should find a market for it. I have it tucked away in my files for now. But it was a great fun story.

Cheryl said...

Great advice Sassy. Ideas are everywhere, and like I told you before, I got sick and tired of being told I should write a book about my I did. LOL!


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