Friday, January 26, 2007


Hey all...

I have this posted on my office wall where I can see it. Thought I'd share with you.


Confronting the dragons
Overcoming the obstacles
Understanding the risks
Really living
Always believing
Going the distance
Expecting the best

I like this. It applies to a lot of things in life, including writing.

First, those dragons of doubt. How hard they are to deal with sometimes. Not only do we have to deal with dragons and shoulder vultures, sometimes our family and friends become obstacles. But, when we understand rejection letters and such are a normal part of the process we can write and enjoy it, really living so to speak. Success with our writing comes with always believing in ourselves and going the distance when we'd rather give up. Naturally, we should always expect the best from each submission.

I find this to be an almost daily process. Some days I'm not bothered so much by the dragons but other days they seem to arrive in a large numbers determined to have me for lunch. Life throws obstacles my way all the time but how I deal with them is my choice. By studying markets, learning my craft and becoming a better writer I can get rid of some of the risks but no matter what, I have to always believe in myself. I have to choose to not give up and to expect good things.

I hope you confront your dragons, believe in yourself and really live:--)



Cheryl said...

Great advice Speck. I might have to post this list on the wall above my laptop. As for dragons of doubt, I hope I can always slay them with swords of confidence.


Sherry Heidelberger-Blackburn said...

Thanx for the post Speck. I love it.
Courage is something I can certainly use more of.