Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Stepping out...

Hey all...

Remember the last Indiana Jones movie where Indi has made it through all the hidden traps and is standing at the edge of the cliff? He has to continue on, but there is no visible means to cross the great chasm. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and stepped out. And his faith held him up and carried him to the other side. Good movie but what does this have to do with writing you ask?

Today I sent two applications to present workshops at a National Christian Writers Convention. Hitting that send button was like Indi stepping out from the ledge. Not only did I have second thoughts but I had to smack the shoulder vulture that kept whispering that I had nothing to say that anyone would want to listen to. But, I took that deep breath, wanted to close my eyes and hit the send button anyway. Naturally the shoulder vulture had to laugh and make a snide comment about how if they did like the idea I'd choke in front of a group of people. I smacked him again and now I have feathers all over my desk:-)

But each of us have to take that step if we want to be published. Yes, we will get rejection letters and they will hurt. That is just one of the realities we have to face as writers. Not every reader will love our writing and that is fine. Not every place we submit will want to publish our work. When that happens we just have to take a deep breath and send it right back out.

So...let's all take a deep breath and step out of our comfort zone. Try writing a different genre, you might like it. Got an idea for an article? Find a market and query or write it and then query. Either way, take that step and try something different. Got a story or article ready to go out but haven't gathered the nerve to send it? It's time to take that deep breath and send it out.

Yes, the shoulder vultures are going to make snide remarks and laugh. But who cares what they have to say...not us for sure. Smack them:--)



Cheryl said...

Cheryl gives the Wise and All Knowing Troll a standing ovation. It is hard to take that step, but congratulations on doing it. I hope I can do it when my turn comes.


Laura said...

Oh Speck,

I'm laughing at the shoulder vultures! I've always had a great imagination; if you describe something to me...I see it like a cartoon playing in my mind.

I can appreciate how it must have felt to push that send button. I'm glad you found the courage and faith to just do it. Great advice!


Anonymous said...

Very good post, Jean. You are so right too. I write fantasy romance but I wrote a short essay about my youngerst sone and Chicken Soup for the Soul accepted it for one of their series.

It pays to think out of the box sometimes.


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