Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Resolve to Resolution

I tried hard today to come up with something other than resolutions to write about. However, it’s New Years Day and resolution is on my mind, just not in the way you may think.

All over the world today people are jotting down their resolutions for the New Year. They are resolving to be better people, to give to the poor, to do their part to make the world a better place. Some resolutions are not so noble. Some folks are resolving to lose weight, exercise, eat better. There are those who will resolve to make 2007 the year they marry, go after that longed for promotion or pay off their credit cards. (good luck on that one) Regardless of what we resolve to accomplish in the upcoming year, or how vehement we are at this moment that we will succeed, there is a voice in the back of our brain whispering,

“It ain’t gonna happen kiddo…why put yourself through all this.”

I decided this morning before I got out my journal and began my yearly list of resolutions to first look into the formal definition of the word “resolution”. (by the way, I did not go back to see if what I had resolved to do in 06 had actually been accomplished), I got out my tattered old Webster’s and did a Wiktionary search on -line. Just as I suspected. Resolution is the act of resolving to accomplish a certain thing; bummer. I was hoping to find a definition that did not hold me to such a high standard. So I continued my online search of the word, hoping against hope that a definition of the word more suited to my personality might emerge… Eureka! A little research really can go a long way. Now this definition of resolution is one I can work with.


Refers to the sharpness and clarity of an image.

You know, as in the resolution of your computer screen or TV set.

I opened my journal and began to write. ‘On this New Year Day 2007, I resolve to bring into clarity the image I have always carried of myself. The image that I am a writer. I will spend this year sharpening my skills as a writer. I will not let the visual I have had of myself since childhood, that of a wordsmith, tapping out the next great American novel be muddied any longer. I will clear the snow from the screen, bring every dream of authorship I have ever had into perfect focus. I will bring that image to life.

”As soon as I closed my journal, my resolve set right, came that little voice.

“It ain’t gonna happen kiddo…why put yourself through all this”.

So I opened my journal and wrote,

“PS….turn the volume all the way down and rip the knob off.”

Here’s hoping that we all clarify and sharpen whatever resolution we may make today.

Happy New Year

Sherry (aka) Gwanny

Posted by Speck cause blogger is still giving Gwanny a hard time. I was supposed to do this yesterday but was lazy:-)


Anonymous said...

No wonder! My screen has had snow on the picture for the last two years. Okay, adjust the knob to clear the show and sit back to watch. Thanks gwanny for the great insight.


Laura A. Bethuy said...


Cool resolution! I like the idea of a clear focus instead of the same old stuff you see all the time. Good job.


Laurel said...

Love it Sherry. Turn the volumn down and rip the knob off.

Cheryl said...

You go girl! I think that's a New Year's Resolution we can all live with.