Friday, March 23, 2007

Dress for Success

This was brought up at a blog I read often and I thought I'd share it here. Dress the part! No, this doesn't mean you have to wear a suit and tie or something formal and writerly to write. Jammies, sweats and barefeet are still just fine for writing.

But...when you go out in public, what impression are you sending out? I live in a very small town where practically everyone knows everything about everybody. It's very tempting to just run down to the local store in a tattered t-shirt, ragged jeans and flipflops. I try to remember when I start promoting locally they aren't going to see the professional writer me, they will see the neighbor down the road who has a lot of bad hair days. So, I'm trying to be a little less casual for those trips. Or I send the kids:--)

Another place to consider the impression you are creating is at conferences. Are you dressed as an up and coming star that everyone wants to know or do you look like the custodian and get mistaken for housekeeping? I'm not saying you should wear a business suit at conferences however you should look professional.

Websites are often the first impression a person has of us. Consider what your website says about you. Professional, approachable and fun loving or scatterbrained, stuck up and stick in the mud?

Now...I'm off to consider how to make the best first impression at the upcoming conference. I'm sure lots of chocolate will be involved:--)



Cheryl said...

OMG, Speck. Are you psychic? This is exactly what I was going to talk about for my next blog entry.

I had to run out to the post office, and it seems that on days when I don't put on a little make-up I meet someone from my past or a person from town that I wouldn't want seeing me that way.

So, before I left I put on a little color, made sure my jeans didn't have any holes in them, and added a bit of jewelry. And I thought, this would make an excellent post on the blog.

I guess great minds really do think alike. Thanks for sharing the advice, but darn it, now I have to think of something else for Tuesday. LOL!


Sadie said...

I saw the blog entry you mentioned. It is a good point! Now, I live in a small town, but nto that small...however whenever I go to playdates for the girls or anywhere other than the corner gas station or grocery, I try to look decent. I'm hoping to continue to carry this off...not so easy when you're carting around two babies and the occasional pre-teen!

Jean said...

How funny!!! I guess I'm just thinking about career stuff with the upcoming conference next month. I need to get a haircut and color enhance again:-)

As far as small towns...I just love living here. We only have one traffic light and the only traffic jam is during hay cutting season when the tractors are moving from field to field. Except for the time the truck ran into the side of a building and everyone had to drive by and see it. That was fun:--)


Laura said...

I am so bad about this. I have gotten so lazy! After retiring from the doggie shop I've stopped doing my hair and make up. Time to get it together. Thanks for the good advice.