Thursday, March 01, 2007

I am a writer!

That's right, I'm a writer. And so are you if you are writing, even if you aren't published yet.

But you know what? Sometimes I like the idea of being a writer better than doing the writing. Imagine with me...the fabulous parties, the very cool book signings and all the other "glory" that comes with being a published writer. How fun and exciting.

But darn it all...none of those things can possibly happen if I don't plant myself in front of the puter and work. And, writing really is work. Sure you can write just for yourself but for those of us wanting a career as a writer we have to take into consideration our readers.

We have to plan our writing. We must hook our readers from the start, keep them begging for more through those mushy middles and then leave them with an end that satisfies along with wanting to read your next story or novel. Not the easiest thing to do if you ask me.

Sure, I know the odds of fame and fortune as a writer are slim. I've heard it said many times if you are writing for money then you are in the wrong profession, better to be a plumber.

So why do I continue to sit here and peck away at the keyboard when I could be out enjoying the sun getting the flower beds ready for spring planting? It's actually very simple. I'm a writer, I have to write. Writing makes me happy...even on the days the words come slow and painful.

My challenge for you this month is to start to think like a writer. When someone asks what you do...tell them you are a writer. Make time each day to write. If you are wanting a career as a writer...treat writing like a job. Set realistic goals, deadlines and then work toward that career.

If you aren't after the career, that's cool too. Write what makes you happy, express yourself with your writing. Have fun with your words.

There's no telling where those words may take you.



snow said...

Speck, That was the best discription of a writer that I've heard in a long while. I enjoyed it very much. As always my wheels are turning after reading yet another wonderful blog.


Lori said...

Hey Speck,

Thanks for the reminder. I am a writer too! You helped me set realistic goals back in Jan and I agree it's important to treat your writing as your job.

Good post


Cheryl said...

Great post Speck. If I treated my other jobs like I treat this one, I would have been fired by now.

Here's a strange "I'm a writer" story. I'm not shy about telling people I'm a writer. Some people find it intriguing, but others don't give a crap.

When I went to go get my new reading glasses--yep, I'm officially old now, I have two pairs of glasses--I told her I spent lots of time on the PC because I'm a writer. This led to a twenty-minute long discussion of the book I've been collaborating on with my sister and the other things I've worked on.

Darn it, I better get working on those edits, because the optician wants to buy our book when it's out.

Thanks for the prod.