Friday, August 03, 2007

Promotion is a full-time job

When I first started working with Dorothy Thompson of Pump Up Your Book Promotion, I wondered how a business like hers existed. How hard could it be for an author to get in touch with some bloggers and ask for them to interview her about her latest release?

I could really smack myself for being so naive. Promotion truly is a full-time job. I don't even have a book out yet and I find myself spending a good portion of my day promoting my work. I post at my blogs, write book reviews, network with other writers, set up interviews with authors, work with the others on the Musing Our Children project--and all of this helps to promote me as a writer. Every time my bio is viewed on a website, there is a great chance that someone might link to my website or blog and be interested in my work.

In addition, whenever anyone asks what I do for a living--I tell them. Then they ask what I write and the conversation goes on until one of girls is so bored to tears she is hitting me to get me to stop talking. Maybe this person will remember my name and look me up on the Internet.

So, I can imagine that for writers who have already published books or whose first book is about to be published, promotion is even more overwhelming and important. Now I know why Pump Up Your Book Promotion has so many clients.

How can you promote your work properly and still have time to write? If you guys have any ideas, I would sure be willing to listen.



Dorothy said...

Omg, Cheryl! That's it, hon! And thanks for the plug..;o) But that's so it. You DON'T have time and that's why authors come to me and go to publicists and anyone who will PLEASE HELP THEM. I'm telling you, as an author, I truly understand. It's vicious out there. There are so many books and you get lost in the crowd. The way I work is that I get them on blogs, yes, but I also work with them to learn how to create an online presence by teaching them how to use their search words and how to add tags and how to blog. I just got finished setting up a blog for one of my new clients, Dwayne G. Anderson. This kid is adorable. He's only 24 and he has THREE books out. But, his last book doesn't even have a ranking at Amazon and you know why that is? He hasn't discovered online promotion yet. By the time I get through with him, he's going to have so many links in Google, he won't know what to do with himself. Check out the blog I made for him tonight. It's at Yesterday he didn't even know how to blog. Tonight, he blogged for the first time and he emailed me wanting to know when he could put another post up! I just love it. Now THAT'S what it's all about. Thanks for the plug, hon, and I'm going to tell everyone to hop right over! ;o)

Cheryl said...

Hey Dorothy,

Thanks for stopping by and replying to my rambles. LOL!

I went out to Dwayne's blog today. It looks great! I can't wait to interview him in September.