Tuesday, December 05, 2006

187 Pages

One hundred and eighty seven pages of text. That's what this writer will be doing on her unplanned 'vacation' from the keyboard. Editing. One hundred eighty five novel pages, and two pages of an unfinished article. Nearly one hundred thousand words. It seems like so many, until I saw them printed out in black and white, printed by PIP, paper and ink. Suddenly it seems both small and overwhelming at the same time.

When a writer is cut off from their keyboard and doesn't care for hand-writing, what are they to do? Apparently, they edit. They read, and take time off.

This writer will be enjoying the holidays and editing the first 1/3 of her novel. Using notes from beta's and thoughts that have been nagging in my own head, I will drag out the red pen and move to strike. It's a task that I've been longing for, and afraid of since I started this rewrite. Now knowing where I went wrong, and sometimes still unsure I have to face my fears of finding horrid writing and unleash the internal editor I've kept chained up for six months.

So, here's to food and drink to the unchained internal editor.

Here's to the holidays.

Here's to continuing on our paths to success, however life lets us.


Cheryl said...

Great job Sadie. I'm one of those nuts who loves editing almost as much as writing, but doing it long-hand, well that is cumbersome.

I wish you and your internal editor well. And take heart, there is no bad writing in your pages, only writing that needs tweaking to make it the best it can be.

Take care.


Jean said...


"...there is no bad writing in your pages, only writing that needs tweaking to make it the best it can be."

I LOVE this!!! What a great way to think about those pages that need editing.


Judith Leger said...

Really enjoyed this post. And this is what I intend on doing this holiday.