Saturday, December 02, 2006



Top ten reasons I procrastinate:


You've seen this, right? Okay, I read Speck's entry about writing less during the holidays and not stressing over it. While that is very true, today I had the distinct displeasure of realizing that I am still a procrastination queen. So, while I flitted away another hour in a hot bath, I decided to make a wish list of sorts for this blog. I am a bit early with the New Year's Resolutions and I generally don't make them. I feel like I'm setting myself up for failure that way. Here is a Procrastinator's Wish List for the Coming Year. (Forget about it in December as our illustrious troll has given us permission).

In 2007:
I will set a schedule and stick to it.
I will learn to say no to things that are unnecessary.
I will learn to say no when I do not have the ability to help and quit trying to find every solution under the sun.
I will hide my MSN profile more often.
I will wake up early enough to exercise so that the body is fit as well as the mind.
I will find new ways to organize my thoughts and writing life.
I will stick to my commitments and not whimp out.
I will continue to reach for my goals, and when I reach them, I will set new ones.
I will love much, laugh often, and enjoy life at its finest.
and Sassy's own personal goal (I will earn my tattoo in 2007).

Maybe your list isn't as long as mine, or maybe it is longer. Either way, December will soon be over -- yes, I know it just got here-- and The Elevators will begin in earnest. Now is the time to take an evaluation of your career goals for 2007 and break them into reasonable time periods. Don't overload yourself but at the same time, make it a challenge to rise to the top. I'm sure you will agree that the sweetest victory comes through struggle.

Be careful on the roads now. Holiday shopping can be vicious!

Madame Sassy


Jean said...

Good goals:-)

One thing we need to remember is we will have days we slip up. On those days, we have to forgive ourselves, gather our motivation back up and get going again.

And toss that got stuff to get accomplished:-)


Anonymous said...

LOL...Sassy I actually have a large black t-shirt with that very thing on it.

And yes I procrastinate, we all do I think to one extent or another. But like you, I want to set goals and do my utmost to reach them.

The only thing my mom ever told me that was worth anything to me in life is that we gotta have a goal.

At the moment my goal is to take this laptop into the den and get Lee to help me fix up my new website. I fixed him a nice dinner, now it's payback.


Sarah said...

I'm just as bad. I mean, I literally procrastinated in READING this post! I saw it was there, but went to take a bath, did some word puzzles and then came back *G* Good goals, though. I have some of my own...the challenge will be in keeping them :)

Cheryl said...

All I want to know is how you people have time to take a bath during the day! The only time I can do that is at some ungodly hour of the early morning right before I go to bed. But it makes for some good inspiration, which is often why I go to bed so late. Good thing I keep paper and pen near the tub.

Great goals Sassy, and I will do my best to help you stick to them. I think you and I might have to vie for the crown, because I knew NaNo was coming for how long and yet I didn't get all my research done. Playing on the Net and chatting with friends was much more interesting.


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