Monday, December 11, 2006

Jumping Up and Down

I had this week's blog entry figured out in my mind days ago. I even considered writing it and saving the entry as a draft to make my life easier. I' m glad I didn't, because late Monday night my free newsletter from Writer2Writer popped into my Inbox.

Do you know what was inside that newsletter? My first paid piece.

Wow, does saying that feel good! So now, I am in a euphroic mood because not only am I writer -- I am a paid writer. While I consider all my clips valuable, it somehow feels different to say I got paid for my work. Like it validates the opinions of those who have believed in me since I started my writing career.

I hope I don't embarrass her when I say this, but I owe a tremendous amount of debt to our dear Sassy. She was the first person outside of my family and friends to tell me the articles she saw were good enough to publish. As Editor of Destiny3 Fiction she gave me the confidence to move forward with my ideas and to continue plugging away at my writing when I felt I was headed towards failure.

Thank you Sassy. I will never forget it!

So as I jump up and down, trying to type this little note to you all, let me say one other thing (if I can find the right keys), for all those of you who are still waiting for news of an acceptance -- it will come. If you are determined enough to make it happen -- it will.

For those of you who have already known the joy I am feeling, good for you. Can you remember what it was like when you got that first check? I bet you can, no matter how long ago it was.

And to all of us, as we leave 2006 behind and move into the New Year, let it be with firm resolve that we decide to make 2007 the best year (yet) for our writing careers. With all of our friends at StoryCrafters behind us, we can make it happen.

Good luck!



Jean said...

Congrats on that first paid piece!!! That is a mile stone on the path we have chosen. I remember well the feeling and it feels good every time:-)

Another great feeling is that "published on paper" feeling. I've had a lot of things e-published but the times it has been on paper have been even more special.

Here's to many more of those "jumping up and down" moments for all of us.


sherry heidelberger-blackburn said...

Hey girl, Great post
I'm jumping up and down with you!

When I get my first paying gig the whole worlds gonna know. I'm gonna get up on my roof and shout it out.

Congratulations...I can't think of anyone who deserves it more.


Cheryl said...

Thanks ladies. It is great to know I have some cheerleaders.

Best of luck to both of you too!

Lorib said...


I'm thrilled for you. This is the first of many to come! Did you take a picture of it?



Candela Martinez said...

Wow, Thanks Cheryl. I had no idea that I helped in some small way. Very cool that your articles are in print. I awaiting seeing Candela Martinez across the front of a book. That will be a super feeling.

Cheryl said...

No pictures Lori. My husband handles the camera. I take really bad pics.

And Sassy, you helped in a big way, so I hope you take that pat on the back and it inspires you to do something great - like get Candela Martinez on the front cover of a book. I know it will happen!