Saturday, January 26, 2008

Exploring the 'unknown'...

My novel is done. It's editing and cut and in the hands of others now. Three years of my life, my blood, sweat and tears are wrapping up. Is it the end of that project? No. Not by any means - but it is the end of me working on it. I don't have the excuse of it sitting there waiting to be written, to be edited, to have another thousand words cut.

Now I see how much of a safety net it was. I have another full-length novel in mind, but it's unfamiliar territory. I have lived in the world of my characters for so long, it frightens me to meet new characters. I'm terribly shy, you see.

So now it's time to bite the bullet. To explore the 'unknown' that I've avoided so long. I've written a historical romance...and it's sequels (we won't discuss how many words I've written in the past three years). They have all focused around one group of characters.

I will meet new people now. They've already begun to introduce themselves. There's Elijah Corey - the insanely logical male witch that only believes in his own power because he's used it. He's also my first-ever center stage male main character. Gwendolyn Cobleigh - an old friend of mine, but she's changing like a chameleon into a character more fitting to the novel. She doesn't like playing second fiddle, but for the chance at this role, she's willing to swallow a little pride.

I will also write a different kind of story. I will challenge myself to write a short story. I've had a short and spicy romance in my head for some time, so I have to attempt to write something shorter than anything I've written in a long time.

It's an exciting time...and a terrifying one. New challenges, new people. It's all 'unknown' to me. I'm stepping out of the 1870's and into the modern world. I hope I make the transition all right.


~Of course - just because I'm in the modern world doesn't mean I'm going to change my plans to make, from scratch, a dress appropriate for the 1870's....


Marz said...

Welcome to the world of short fiction! I'm doing the opposite--what I think is my first novel is comming slowly into view. I think you'll like shorts. They are a fun and special challenge ;-)

Deb said...

Sadie, my congratulations for your courage & dedication. I have a novel "out there" and now am playing the waiting game. It's not easy, is it? Even after five previous sales, the "in-between" time never gets any smoother.

To those of you who wonder if you have the courage to send your creation out into the world: yes, you do. I'm a wimp, and I did it. If I did it, anyone can.