Wednesday, January 09, 2008

It takes a team to make a dream!

Yesterday I was going through a stack of misc. stuff in the corner of my office, getting rid of some, stacking some in different places to be sorted through later and so forth. I came across a tattered notebook and flipped through it to see if anything in it was important or whether I could give it to the kids to draw/scribble in. Among the grocery lists, scribbles of my own, and doodlings I found some notes that got the notebook tossed on a keeper pile to be looked at later. is later. I don't remember what or where I got these notes but here they are...

On the left hand page is...

Don't work for the team work with it. Dream the impossible dream, then do it. Teamwork makes the dream work.

On the other page...

It takes a team to make a dream. Nothing is impossible to those that believe. I will not fail if I will not quit.

This got me thinking...(You knew that was coming didn't you?)

Why can't I have a team? Why can't you have a team???

I've decided I want a team!!! I want team mates to encourage. I want team mates to prod. I want a team mate who'll kick by backside if needed. I want team mates who'll rejoice with my in my successes and uplift me when I have temporary setbacks. I want a team who is serious about seeing me succeed and will help me along the journey.

But you know what else? I want to be on such a team. I want to encourage and prod. I want to rejoice with and uplift my team mates. I want to help my team mates along their journey to success too. And if a good backside kicking is needed, well, I'll be there for that too.

I know that each of us here at Write Spot and at StoryCrafters sorta fall into the team category but I'm thinking about something a little more committed. A team I have to be accountable to, that expects great things and wants to see them.

So...if you are interested in being part of the "Troll's Impossible Dream Team" then let me know. If you want to have a team behind you, then let me know. Together we can achieve our dreams!

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Snow said...

To be on or have a dream team such as the one you are talking about would work for me. It's a great idea.

Not having anyone to give me a shock,kick or nudge with my writing and general life, I feel, is what I lack. I'd like to be part of your team, if you'll have me.

Thanks for sharing this with all of us.