Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm a Mazzikin, or is that mizzikin?

I hadn't been over to the Zooty & Flapper site for a couple days but was told he'd updated it and since I had some free time this afternoon, decided to check it out.

I have to say, he made me laugh. But I'll explain that later. Everything in italics is taken directly from his website, as is. You'll notice he's proud of his spelling errors.

On his home page, he has this to say about Victoria at Writer's Beware:

Victoria Strauss of Writers Beware, has joined with a band of Blitzers to stop Zooty and Flappers from moving ahead on this program. Ms Strauss puts herself out as a judge of what will, and will not work in the Publishing Industry. Perhaps she should go back to New York and tell the Publishers why the sale of books went down by 25%, and what they should do.I have taken note: Ms Strauss is selling her books on her Writer Beware site. She claims to have the web site to help writers? My question is: "Why do you want to help writers?" In my opinion, you're just using that old rag to sell your books. I don't think you give a damn about writers.

And on his "McCarthyism" page this:

Today we see a new person holding up the torch of McCarthyism, Victoria Strauss.

"Go where no women has gone before. Seek out and destroy those harming new writers. Dig them out of their holes, and pile their ink stained bodies in front of the literary world." We can't call you "Tail-gunner Strauss."

How about, "Mazzikin Von Strauss?"

I am going to be the first to stand up and tell you "Go to hell Strauss." You said in an interview, that your attorneys had told you not worry about those who complain, they will just fade away. I got news for you kid. Not me. You use the net to spread your fear. You are defending people who have told lies about me. heck, one even called me a con artist!.

Jean Lauzier of Storycrafters claims to have removed the blitz she started on her chat room, and did not have a copy to give to Preditors & editors. I printed everthing that was said on the subject in that chat room, right off the screen. And, I will print all of it on my web site. I'll tell you where you can nail my hide to the wall. Find spelling errors in what I write. I am a lazy speller. Heck I even put double words in at times.

The title of your blog about me, "Zooty Suit Riot." Were you making a slure about Latino's of the 40's who were beaten in the zoot suits riots in L.A.? Or about the Latino's who wear them today?

You put yourself out there as an expert as to what will work and what won't. You name three other's who have done the same thing. You say I can't do it, because others have failed. Hmm? Come on kid, why don't you stop trying to be an expert on things your not. I told my dog Ruff, "I don't want to get down in the gutter with this gal and her following of Mazzikins. I have been asked by others to publicize some of your exploits. I know some of your readers think of you as a sweet person.

Hmmm? You think we should tell em?

You want to play games like McCarthy? Shoot your best shot kid. I'm not going away.

And from his "Mazzikin" page, I just have to share this with you.

Standing on the edge of the writing world, is where one finds the "Mizzikin's." That's Hebrew for harmer. Unable to enter the real world of Published Writers, they position themselves on the paths leading to the Publishing World. It is here, they take the new writer aside, and whisper their view of the truth into their ear.Case in point; Jean Lauzier, co-founder of Storycrafters, a chat room for new writers. It is here her reason for writing comes to light. There is a true saying amongst writers, "You cant hide who you are when you write.

When he said he was going to publish the truth about me, I didn't realize it was going to be so funny.

Jean was the daughter of a military family. That's hard on a young girl, moving from base to base, never feeling like your roots ever take hold. The major devastation came when her parents divorced. it wasn't her fault, she had been a good daughter. Hurt and anger are sometimes hard for young people to deal with. Those are pains that never seem to go away. Some kids get into trouble when they express anger over a hurt. It's a very emotional, critical time for teens. Folks understand, and can pass over the things they do wrong. But as the troubled teen becomes an adult, they are expected to control their anger, and not use it to harm others. if they do, they are held responsible. Some try to rebuild and change their past by positioning themselves in a parallel situation. I can't say Jean Lauzier was doing that when she married a military man.

How funny. I'd never been on a military base until I went for basic training at 17. My father worked a regular job and mom stayed home taking care of us kids. I spent my summers riding ponies and working in the garden, not traveling from place to place.

And this... What sparked her to go public with her writing? And what direction did it take?She said she read an article in a magazine. Angered, she wrote a letter to the editor, giving a rebuttal. Her letter along with those of several other people was printed. She had slapped someone down in print! How did that make her feel? In her own words, "I think I slept with that issue under my pillow for a month."

How about at least getting the quote right. I mean, it's right there for all the world to see.

In fact, what really got me started on the road to becoming a writer was an article in a magazine. I wrote a rebuttal and it was published. The magazine was an international publication and I think I slept with the issue under my pillow for a month.

This was a reply to an editorial in the Fall issue of Doberman Quarterly in 1995. The article dealt with ways to protect your Doberman from being stolen. There was no "slapping" anyone down in print, just tips such as not giving strangers your dogs call name, not leaving them easily accessible to thieves and recommending that our much loved companions be tattooed and micro chipped. And yes, I did sleep with that issue under my pillow.

Her next venture, was to join the Long Story, Short Story School of Writing, as an instructor.To date, she claims she never taught there.

True...I did. And I haven't. But you know what, there's nothing wrong with this. Long Story Short is a great place to learn more about writing.

Their interview was where he came up with this misquote: Once Jean Lauzier was asked, "Where do you get your ideas from? Life or your imagination?" her reply? "An oak tree in my front yard inspired a hanging story."

Here's the full quote:
Q. Do you take most of your ideas from life? Or your imagination? A mix? (Do you hate when people ask this?)

I get ideas from just about everywhere. An old oak tree in my front yard inspired a ghost hanging story. Family gossip inspired another story and even my kids give me ideas at times. I guess I'd have to say most ideas come from my day to day life. And I think most writers love to talk about their writing so any question is fine:-)

Here's the link to the interview:

And no, I still don't like his view of who is a published author and us isn't. If you have a story, article or novel published, whether by a website, ezine, paper magazine, small or e-press, major publisher such as Harlequin (I think this is the standard publisher he's talking about. I sent the first three of a novel to Mills & Boon and got a very nice rejection letter from the editor. She even asked for my next project when it's ready.) or Tor, then you are a published writer. I even consider those who have gone the self-publishing route to be published authors.

I also believe pre-publishing a novel harms that writer's chance of having that novel picked up by an agent and traditional publisher such at Tor, Kensington, Harlequin and the many others out there.'s to being one of Domenic's "Mazzikins." At least he spelled my name right this time.


Anonymous said...

It brings me great shame to know that a "supposed professional" like him who find it okay to attack not only writers but goes on to attack women and Latinos too.

Lazy speller? what he doesn't have a spell check? And wasn't he a "new writer" once?

With all the half truths that he's posted on his site about the whole issue, he's suppose to be a professional not only in the field of writing but "journalism". So why would he think anyone would want to defend him in anything he has to say? After all the threats and name calling.

We live in a country that says "We have freedom to say what ever is on our minds" and here we say them and he wants to "Shut us up" because he doesn't like what we have to say about what he's doing to writers.


Deb said...

He doesn't have to like it. Most of us who are published don't care for everything that is said about our work. It's our job to develop the skin of a rhino for the bad stuff and the soul of a marshmallow for the good stuff. Suck it up, Mr. Mazzikin--only children resort to calling names when they can't rebut the substance of the issue.

Anonymous said...

As to Dom, "Me thinks thou dost protest too much."