Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Write Spot

As writer's we are a solitary group for the most part. Yet, we still need to socialize with others who understand just what we mean when we say POV, show don't tell and talking head syndrone.

There are lots of social networks out there try. For example, there is our own StoryCrafters. We have a password protected critique area, information about conferences and contests along with just some great folk who are ready to encourage or prod as needed.

We also need an online presence, either a website or blog.

One option is Write Spot. It's a small but growing group of writers dedicated to writing and each other. Each member has his or her own page and each page has a place to blog. I really enjoy having the blogs of so many friends close by to read instead of having to click all over the web.

So, take a look at StoryCrafters and Write Spot. If you need an online home, we'd love to have you:--)


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