Saturday, October 21, 2006


Hard to believe but another week has passed. While that means we are a week closer to NaNo, that also means a week closer to the holiday madness. I don't know about you, but I put off dealing with the holidays as long as possible. So, we won't talk about them least not today:-)

I found a new agent blog I like this week. I haven't read all her posts yet (I'll cruise the archives one of these days.) but I really like her. Jenny Rappaport is an agent at the L. Perkins Agency. Stop by and check her out when you get a chance.

I also try to read Evil Editor at least once a day. At his blog, writers can send in their first 150 words. Not only will they get reader feedback he also lets his readers (evil minions) write a short continuation for the start. Some continuations are funny, some are scary:--) Also, writers can send in their query letters for his comments. Again, there is lots of interesting reader feedback. While I don't take everything there to heart, some of the reader insight is helpful.

Anna Louise Genoese is an editor at TOR. Her blog has a LOT of personal things along with work related posts. She is very much into fanfic so if you are interested in that, you might enjoy her blog.

In Other News...

Thursday evening we had a great forum/interview with Tony Burton of Wolfmont Publishing He really gave us a LOT of info on how the publishing business works. Wolfmont publishes mystery and suspense work. However he has an imprint called Honey Locust Press which is geared toward the more family friendly writing. If you are considering publishing with a small press, I can think of no better place to start.

And if you like mystery/suspense stories...check out his ezine Crime and Suspense. It is free so sign up and support your local editor:--)

Have a great weekend y'all!!!



Cheryl said...

Thanks for all this info Speck. Looks like I have some new sites to check out.

As far as the holidays go, I warn you I have a Christmas fetish. I start decorating in early November because I have 10 trees in the house and several mini-trees outdoors. We sing carols all year round at my place.

I'll try desperately to contain myself, but I make no promises because my mom always told me never to make a promise I can't keep.


Jean said...

Holy Hair Balls!!! Ten trees in the house??? Who are you...some secret relative of Santa???

We only have one...and I wait as long as possible before putting it up...and take it down as soon as possible:-) And actually, the kids put it up these days. I'm the one that takes it down:-)


Cheryl said...

No, but I think good old Kris Kringle and I are kindred spirits. Like I said, I start in early November, and if I didn't have cats or kids I could leave the trees up all year long.

My Christmas fetish is just another reason my neighbors smile and wave hi, but don't come in. They're afraid I might make them part of my Christmas display. LOL!