Monday, October 23, 2006


My copy of By the Chimney With Care finally arrived today. How exciting!!! There is just something about the feel of a new book. The shiny cover and smooth, uncrinkled pages. There was also a bookmark included that matches the front cover and lists all the contributing authors.

I love the feel of being published. And while I've been published quite a few time on the web, this is my second "paper" publication. The first was a nonfiction article and all I was able to see was a couple of pages torn out from the magazine with my article on them.

But much, much cooler. Right there, on page 173 "Secret Santa" by Jean Lauzier. Even cooler is the thought that somewhere out there in reader land, someone is reading my story. And possibly years down the road, someone might find a copy of this anthology and read it.

My son asked if I was taking the book to church Wednesday night to show everyone? What a silly question, I want the whole world to see it:--)

Another thing I love about this book is how it helps a great cause. All the proceeds go to Toys for Tots to help make Christmas better for those in need. So...for all you mystery/suspense readers, order your copy today. This also makes a great Christmas gift for the those on your gift list:-)

You can order here.



Cheryl said...

Congrats Speck! I am so proud of you. The bookmark was a nice idea. Was that a surprise?


Jean said...

Yeap, it was a really nice extra. I was very surprised by the overall quality of the book too. I guess I had this small press image in my head of lesser quality books. But this is one I'm proud to be associated with.

I'm definitely going to pitch my nonfic project to him.