Saturday, October 14, 2006

In the blog-o-sphere...

As a writer, I know you have many things to be doing other than reading someone else's blog. But...there are a lot of things you can learn from them. From my own personal experience, I've found a couple of agents that I'd love to work with. Their personalities come shining through on their blogs and we would work well together. (Now to convince them:--) I also found someone I'd much rather not work with. Our personalities and beliefs are just too different.

Also, many of the agent blogs I regularly read post things they've seen in their slush pile, things they don't want to see or things they would love to see. Nothing like getting a bit of a insight that might give me an edge in the slush pile.

Here's my favorite posts for the week.

At Miss Snark she gives us a view into her slush pile. On that day, she opened 20 queries. Ten got an immediate no. One was a referral from a trusted source so was put aside to be read later. That left nine...five got a no and four got a 'to be' read. These weren't partials, they were just the query letter. Sorta reaffirms the importance of a great query letter doesn't it.

Jennifer Jackson has an interesting discussion about e-queries. The comment thread makes good reading too. I really like this blog. Personally, I much rather spend the money to send a query the old fashioned paper way. I'm glad she likes them too.

Kristin Nelson likes her queries to arrive by email. This week she posted about referrals and recommendations. Very interesting couple of posts.

Rachel Vater posted a discussion on personal writing styles I found quite interesting. Also, she shared the good news of an auction that ended with a three book deal for one of her client's "first" book. This was goes to show that good writing really does trump all.

Have a great weekend y'all!


Link fixed:--) Thanks. Guess I should check them before I post. Sigh.


Sadie said...

Thanks for the links! One thing, missed an "s" in the very first link. Miss Snarks URL is missing an s in it :) Other than that, I'm off to read more :)


Jean said...

Link is fixed. That will teach me not to check them before hitting the "post" button.

I really love Miss Snark's blog. She is a daily must read. And speaking of Miss Snark, in December she is going to run another Crap-o-meter. She posted about it probably two weeks ago. So...if you have a novel you are about ready to start shopping around, check it out.:--)