Monday, October 16, 2006


Here's the good news at StoryCrafters.

"Bust Through the Holiday Stress and Keep on Writing" sold to Writer2Writer. Cheryl says she isn't sure when it will be out but I'm betting soon. I'll add a link soon as I know.

The December issue of Long Story Short will feature the writing of two StoryCrafters members. Lorib sold them "Jason's Christmas Gift" and gwanny sent them Momma Peed the Bed Last Night.

Congrats to the three of you. And if anyone else sure to let us know so we can all applaude.


And don't forget to purchase your copy of "By the Chimney with Care". This is a very cool Christmas crime anthology filled with great stories. All the proceeds go to Toys for Tots so not only are you getting a great book, you are helping kids have a better Christmas. My contribution is called "Secret Santa".


Cheryl said...

It's nice of you to post news of our publishing success. I think this is a great addition to the blog.

You're doing a spectacular job with this. If you need help, please let me know.


sherry said...

speck, where do you find editors that work in your genre? I am having trouble finding editors that work in mine...or any for that matter.

sherry said...

And thanks girl for posting my pub. The more I read the story the more flaws I find and the less I want it published but oh well. Tis a learning experience after all.

Jean said... are on my list:--) So are you Sherry.

As far as finding editors who work in a specific genre, I'd probably start with magazines or ezines that publish that genre. Another option is meeting them at conventions or conferences. I think the best way to get editor attention is to write well and submit to their publications.

Getting an editor's attention is so hard...which is why I was pleased with the comments from the editor of the mystery mag I submitted to.


Lorib said...

Hi Speck

So nice of you to mention my first publication. The blog looks good, let me know if I can help.