Thursday, October 26, 2006


Reading around the blog world, one thing several agents have mentioned is that it doesn't take long to decide if they are interested in a story. When Miss Snark did her last Crap-0-meter, sometimes she could tell if she was interested within the first paragraph. Many times even the first sentence was enough.

From that, and other comments I've come to the conclusion as a writer I have to catch the interest of the reader as soon as possible. But how do we do this?

Many "experts" advise starting right in the middle of the action. I'm not so sure about this. Sometimes it just doesn't work. Sometimes we need a little more info to get settled in the story.

For myself, I like an opening that causes the reader to ask questions. If the reader is wanting to know more about the story then there is a good chance they will continue reading. And that is a good thing.

At StoryCrafters we have a thread for our members to post their opening lines. Stop by, add your opening hook and check out the others already there. And be sure to let us know which openings actually hook you and have you wanting to read more.


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